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When a loved one dies, their family is left with the daunting task of gathering their assets and then distributing them in accordance with Ohio law, their will, or their trust. We will explain the process from start to finish and walk you through each step, making the process manageable for any executor or trustee with no experience with probate or trusts. Although many people believe probate and trust administration will take years, we will work with you to complete the process in a timely and efficient manner, usually within months.

We create individualized estate and trust plans for our clients to ensure that their property passes to the next generation in the manner and over the time period that they want it to. We are happy to work with your accountant and investment adviser to ensure that all of your assets are covered and that your estate plan has the most beneficial tax consequences. Also, we work with an independent Medicaid attorney for Medicaid planning and applications through our office.

In addition, we handle adoptions and guardianship through the Probate Court.

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